Halloween Fun!

We had a great Halloween at our house. B was a Lil' Lion. It was the cutest thing ever. He had this look on his face like what did my mom do to me. So cute! Ms. Laila was Tinker Bell. The cutest Tinker on the planet. I love my kiddos. Happy LATE, LATE Halloween Everyone!

Our Halloween Party!

Wow!!! Its has been forever. I don't even know were to begin. I haven't posted anything for 2 months and we have been crazy busy.

I guess I will start with our Halloween Party. The weekend before Halloween, Krissy & I threw a little costume party coupled with a UFC fight. It was so much fun. It was nice to have a night with just adults! If you know me, you know that Halloween is one of my favs. I love it! I didn't take any pics, so these pics are courtesy of Ms. Krissy. Thanks for a good time everyone!

Just a little pic of my table!

Kyle's Brain Tumor Shots!!! Amazing & very tasty!

Kyle! I love this pic. He won best costume!!HAHA

Carl.....Wow! He was Lt. Dangle from Reno 911. So Funny, but he messed up his mustache so he was a combo....Hitler/Dangle. Very Funny!

The Girls! The Officers & Marilyn. Watch out boys!


Just Because........



A Beautiful Angel

On Saturday, August 8, 2009, My beautiful Grandma Rhea returned to our Heavenly Father.
I don't even have the words to explain how empty I feel inside. I have never lost anyone that has been so special to me and been such a big part of my life. She was truly the most giving and caring person that I have ever known. I want to thank her for all that she has taught me and for giving me a Mother that is truly remarkable. I hope that I can be as strong, compassionate and DIVINE as the two of them. She had this way of stealing a piece of your heart, with a smile that would make a bad day good. We loved her so much! I will miss her everyday, but I know that she is watching over us. She is our Angel!

I thought I saw her face today
In the sparkle of the morning sun.
And then I heard the angel say
“Her work on earth is done.”
I thought I heard her voice today
Then laugh her hearty laugh.
And then I heard the angel say
“There’s peace little one at last.”
I thought I felt her touch today
In the breeze that rustled by.
And then I heard the angel say
“The spirit never dies.”
I thought that she had left me
For the stars so far above.
And then I heard the angel say
“She left you with her love.”
I thought that I would miss her
And never find my way.
And then I heard the angel say
“She’s with you every day.”



Over the 24Th, we went with my sis and her family to Bear Lake. We had such a good time. I forgot how hard having 2 kids is!!!!! Remember the days when you could just lay out and relax......well those days are over for awhile. Even though it was tough, stressful, and not very relaxing, I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Laila and Brox had so much fun. Playing with cousins is the BEST! Thanks for such a FUN Weekend.

Our Little Family!

Carl manning the boat! One day we will have one of these!

Carl & Lou on the jet skis. She loves anything with a motor. So girly, but she can hang with the best of them!

The guys! Just hanging out on the dock!

How funny is this????? Brox, we love that lil' bummy!!!!!

A Day at the Zoo!

Last week, the kiddos and I went with my Mom and Dad to the Zoo. We had a great time. Laila loved it and Brox loved it too. He loves his stroller...nothing makes him happier. I think Laila's favorite part was the Choo Choo Train. We had such a good time. I love you Mom and Dad. I wish everyday could be as good as that one.
Laila Rockin' her shades!

Papa & Laila.

Grandma and the Babes!

Laila and Papa at the the Bird Show!

Laila and I looking at the Gorilla. That is my favorite animal. They are so cute!

Mani's & Pedi's!

Last Sunday, Laila & I went to my Mama's house for a much needed Mani & Pedi Session.Of Course, Laila thought this was the greatest thing in the world. This baby girl is a pro at this. It definitely isn't the her first rodeo. If you ever see me at a salon, my shadow will be right beside me.
We love our girly time!


Weekend Fun!

OK......we had a BUSY weekend. Full of lots of fun, friends & family time.
On Friday, I decided to go rescue Carl from work and attempt Phase II at the Lindon Pool. It was a success! It was a beautiful day and we had a blast, but unfortunately I don't have any cute pics to show for it. Oh well....... I am sure we will be swimming a time or two before the summer is over (HAHA).
On Saturday night we had UFC 100 at our house. We had such a good time! We got to see some friends that we haven't seen in awhile ( Tig & TK ) and it was so much fun. Again, stupid me, only took 2 pics and here they are....... OH....we love you GSP!!!! ( just a little shout out from Carl)

Kyle & Krissy! We love you guys. Aren't they so cute?

Carl and I. Finally, I picture of us!

On Sunday, we went up to the cabin in Park City. Anna & Scott were in town, so we had a little BBQ with the family. It was so nice to see them and meet Scott for the first time. He is great! We hope that we will be able to see them some time in the near future.

We went on a 4-wheeler ride and saw a huge moose. We got probably 20 feet away. Scary!

Daddy's Girl. She loves to ride with him.

Bruce and Jane set up the little pool for Laila on the back deck. She loved it. Thanks guys!

The "B". What more can I say? I had to unbutton his shorts. The poor baby was muffin toppin'! I guess those shorts don't fit anymore.

Anna & Scott. It was so nice to see them. We had a great time.Love you guys!


4th of July!

On the 4th, we had such a relaxing day. Carl worked on the deck all day and the kiddos and I just chilled around the house. That night, we went over to Erik & Miquel's for a BBQ and Fireworks. We had such a great time.
Thanks for having us over!

Carl and Laila watching the Fireworks Show. She loved it! She kept saying, " I can't even believe this!" It was so cute. Carl looks like he is having a good time too. Haha!
The Girls with their baby brothers. How cute is this?

All the Cousins!

The 2 Boys! You would never guess, but these babes are only 2 months apart. I think we might have a linebacker on our hands!

Our Princess. She was having a great time running all over the place. She never runs out of energy.
The Girlies. Who knows what they are doing!
Carl & Cole holding the babies. So Cute!

Swimming and Storms!

On Thursday, Carl finally took some much needed time off (well sort of) and we decided to go to the Lindon Pool. Which, by the way, is the coolest city pool out there. Unfortunately, we only got to stay for 2 hours before they closed it because of the thunderstorms. Isn't that how it goes...... he takes a day off and it rains! We still had a really great time and it was so nice to have our Daddy to ourselves for a day. Here area couple of pics I took of the kiddos.......
She is giving me a dirty look. Mad as heck that she has to get out, but still enjoying the roll-up.

Baby Brox. Happy as can be!
We love our babies!


Old Friends & Good Times!

Last night, all the girls got together for a much needed night out. We went to dinner at Blue Lemon to celebrate Chantell's Birthday. Happy Birthday Girl!
Whether it has been 2 years or 2 days since we have gotten together,
it is still just like old times!
Love you guys!


Who didn't have a nap today?

On Sunday, Little Miss Thang would not take a nap!!!! Carl and I wanted to rest so bad and when you want them to take a nap......they keep going and going and going. So, we sat down for dinner, looked over and this is what we saw!

One minute she is talking......the next she is out!
(how can these kiddos fall asleep in such crazy positions)
The Debate:
Wake her up.....after all it is close to bedtime anyway
Just let that baby girl sleep.
Well, we moved her into her bed (I mean our bed) and she was up within 30-
OH - How we love 2 YEAR OLDS!!!!
P.S. but how can you not love that cute little face!


Chunky Monkey!!!

Ok- My Baby is getting so big! He is huge! He finally can wear some cute clothes, but I am so sad that he is growing up so fast. B-Rox is almost 2 months old and the little monkey is drinking 5 ounces every 2 1/2 hours. That is all I do is feed the little guy!!!! He is so cuddly...... I think he is going to be a mama's boy. We love this little guy so much!


Happy Birthday, Kade!

Today was our little Kaders Birthday Party. It is hard to believe that the little guy is already six years old. He is such a sweet little boy. Laila loves him soooo much! They are Best Buddies.

Kade. What a handsome little guy!

All of the Boys......and a girl! This is the story of her life.

Silly Faces!

"Stinky Boys, Stinky Feet!" I thought this picture was so cute. She looks like she is in deep thought.

Thank you for letting us come to your party. We had a great time. We love you so much. Happy Birthday!


Photo Shoot!