Happy Birthday, Kade!

Today was our little Kaders Birthday Party. It is hard to believe that the little guy is already six years old. He is such a sweet little boy. Laila loves him soooo much! They are Best Buddies.

Kade. What a handsome little guy!

All of the Boys......and a girl! This is the story of her life.

Silly Faces!

"Stinky Boys, Stinky Feet!" I thought this picture was so cute. She looks like she is in deep thought.

Thank you for letting us come to your party. We had a great time. We love you so much. Happy Birthday!


Photo Shoot!

Crazy, Crazy Times!

So, Life has been CRAZY!!!!! Between being a New Mommy, an Old Mommy, and a Wifey, I have had absolutely no time to do any blogging. BUT I AM BACK!

Where do I begin??? So, before having Baby Brox, I was on bed rest for over 2 months. I can't tell you how good it feels to be back to normal(almost). So Brox was not due until March 31. On March 2, I had a doctors appointment and my Doctor knew I was DONE!! I guess it was my look of desperation. So he told me that March 9 would be the day!!! So for the next week, I got ready for the baby. The BIG DAY finally came. So, I go in for my appointment and I was still dilated to a 3. ( Week 4 of that). He was acting like he was just going to send me home and I about had a meltdown. He told us to go grab a bite to eat and come back to Labor and Delivery in an hour. So Carl and I went and grabbed some lunch in the cafeteria. On the way back, we decided to do the stairs. Up and down I went, a number of times, thinking that it had to make me dilate more. I was wrong!!! So we went to labor and delivery, for the 3rd time, hoping it would be our last. So the nurse checks me and I am still the same. She tells us to go take a walk around the hospital for an hour and see if I change to a 4 if not they would have to send me home. I looked at Carl and started to cry. What will I do if they send me home? I swear, it would have been like the boy that cried wolf. In my lovely hospital gown and all, Carl and I walked the halls of the hospital. After 5 minutes of that, I decided to screw the walking and start running. Up and down the hallway I went, SPRINTING. If this wasn't going to do it - NOTHING WAS! So my Doctor came down and checked me and finally, I was at a 4. The running did it! Hooray!
After that, came the easy part - DELIVERY! I would rather delivery a million babies than have to go through 2 months of bed rest. With an epidural of course. I only pushed twice and our little baby boy was here. After seeing how tiny he was, I was so thankful that he didn't come any earlier. Those 2 months, were sooooo worth it!!!!
So, the last 4 weeks have been a blur. Wow, I give props to all the mommies out there. I think it is one of the hardest jobs in the world, yet the most rewarding. How do people do it with 4 little one?? ANGELS!!!!! It is a hard job, but I wouldn't change it for a thing.
How is Little Miss Lou Lou???? She is adjusting great to being a big sister. She loves her little brother. She has been a great little helper too. But wow, she is a busy girl. I can't keep my house clean for a second. It has taken me these four weeks to realize that I would rather have fun with my little ones than to have a spotless house - ALL OF THE TIME. After all- it is not possible. Laila is so naughty- but at the same time, the sweetest thing on planet. It is so hard to get mad at her. I love her so much. OH !!! Two weeks ago, the Little miss had the Chicken Pox. What??? I know, who gets those anymore? She had her first immunization for them, so they were not very bad.We were so lucky Baby Brox didn't them. We love you so much, Laila!
March Recap..........
-Baby Brox was Born
- The Birthday month ( Mom, Jason, Dad and Karsen)
- Carl's work and dirt bike riding schedule was Crazy!!! Haha
- Chicken Pox (Laila)
So APRIL is here!! Nice weather of course! NOT!!!! We are so ready for the SUMMER. Hopefully, the sun and heat will arrive shortly.
April, April, April!!!!! Well, today is Easter. And you might ask,"What am I doing on the computer?" Well, our little Laila came down with the bad case of the croup yesterday. After spending this morning in the Emergency room, she is asleep. I had the best of intentions for today. All of our Easter outfits ( coordinating of course) were all ready for church. After all, I think the last time we made it was last Easter. It never fails. One thing after another. I feel so bad for her. She has never been this sick. Before the chicken pox, she never really got sick. Hopefully, this will be the last for awhile. The poor thing is miserable. She only looked at her Easter basket for a second!! Last night I was holding a washcloth on her head and she looks at me and says, "I love my family." It just made our hearts melt. She is such a little tender heart. Hopefully she will feel better later today, for an Easter Egg Hunt. My mom had surgery on Friday too. She is feeling pretty good. We hope you get better soon, Mom! We all Love you!
One last thing...... I just wanted everyone to know that I have the best husband in the world. He is an amazing Daddy. He has been so much help to me, even after a long day at work. He does so much for us and we love him so much. I think that we are more in love today than we ever have been. We do need a VACA though. June 26 can't come soon enough! Love you babe!