Old Friends & Good Times!

Last night, all the girls got together for a much needed night out. We went to dinner at Blue Lemon to celebrate Chantell's Birthday. Happy Birthday Girl!
Whether it has been 2 years or 2 days since we have gotten together,
it is still just like old times!
Love you guys!


Who didn't have a nap today?

On Sunday, Little Miss Thang would not take a nap!!!! Carl and I wanted to rest so bad and when you want them to take a nap......they keep going and going and going. So, we sat down for dinner, looked over and this is what we saw!

One minute she is talking......the next she is out!
(how can these kiddos fall asleep in such crazy positions)
The Debate:
Wake her up.....after all it is close to bedtime anyway
Just let that baby girl sleep.
Well, we moved her into her bed (I mean our bed) and she was up within 30-
OH - How we love 2 YEAR OLDS!!!!
P.S. but how can you not love that cute little face!