A Special Day For Brox!

This past Saturday, we had Brox's Blessing and his 1st Birthday Party. I know you are probably thinking that we should have blessed him when he was 1 month old not 1 YEAR OLD, but,what can I say, we have had a very crazy year. I guess it is better late than never, RIGHT????
Anyways, it was a very special day. Carl's dad blessed him and it was such a nice blessing. I actually could hear it! We blessed Laila at church and it was so loud I couldn't hear a word of it, so it was very nice to be able to hear every word. I defiantly would recommend doing blessings at home. It is so much nicer! Thank you Grandpa Bruce for such a nice blessing. Brox is lucky to have you as his Grandpa. We love you so much.

After the Blessing, it was PARTY TIME! Time to celebrate the sweetest little boy on the planet. Brox is my little mommy's boy. He is such a little tender heart. I love him so much! I can't believe that my baby boy is 1. Wow! Time sure flies!
I decorated in a Rock Star Theme and it turned out so cute! I love to decorate for Parties. I have found that it is something I really enjoy! We had the cutest cake in the shape of a guitar and I loved it! And Yes, I bedazzled the cups!

When it was time for him to get into his cake, he wanted nothing to do with it. I MEAN NOTHING! I tried to put it in his mouth and he would just spit it out. Crazy! The cake was really good too. The pictures say it all!

When we opened presents, he just sat on my lap and smiled. He was so happy. He even was happy when he got clothes. He would grab them and smile. It was so cute! He also loved his new 4wheeler and wagon. They weren't his for to long - Laila liked them more than him I think

Thank you th everyone that came. We love all of you so much!
Thanks for making Brox's special day even better!