Another Dirt Bike Accident!!!

Can you believe it??? He wrecked on his dirt bike again!!! The 2nd big wreck this riding season. Luckily, he is doing ok. He hurt his foot pretty bad, but the rest of his body is just really sore. (The picture is of his foot 3 days after the wreck - still pretty swollen!). There has got to be something broken! If it doesn't start to feel better by the end of the week, he is going to go in for a CT Scan. This time, he also got a horrible concussion.He needs to put that bike away for the season and have some time to regain full use of his brain. Ha Ha!!! I know that I laugh and make fun of him, but we really are so glad that he is ok. Laila and I don't know what we would do without him. We love you, Baby!!!


Laila Jayne

I can't believe that my little Laila will be 2 in December. It is so crazy how fast she is growing and how busy she is!!! She is the sweetest and most cuddly little thing. She never leaves home without her "Snugzz" and her "NaNa". For all of you that don't know - her "Snugzz" is her blanket and her "NaNa" is her Binky. I have been saying that I am going to take that Binky away for months - but I think that it is finally time!! We have also been working on potty training. That is actually going pretty well. We have a lot of old habits to break before that new baby gets here!!!

Laila is talking like crazy too. She says everything! It is like I have a little copycat with me all day~ I have to be really careful what I say. Ha Ha!!! Laila is so excited for Halloween. She is going to be a ladybug. We tried on her costume and she just stood in front of the mirror and smiled. ( I wonder were she gets that!!) Everyone is just going to die when they see the pics. When I ask her what she is going to be for Halloween she says " A bug! Ooh!" It is so cute. She is also going through a phase were she loves to put on my high heels and walk around the house. She is so girly!! But, not to much of a girl to play with trucks or be obsessed with Daddy's dirt bike.

Laila loves the men in her life! I swear - her Papa Dee and her Daddy are her favorite people in the world. She loves to ride on Papa Dee's mower. She has the best Gamma and Papa ever!!!