Happy Birthday Lacey

25th it's a big one!! This morning I woke up to the sweetest thing I have ever heard, Laila saying, " Happy Birthday Mommy" followed by a big hug and kiss. Lacey, Happy birthday sweet heart, I love you so much. I have been blessed with the best wife and daughter any guy could ask for. Lacey, you are the love of my life and always will be. I know this message is short and to the point, but I didn't want your friends to read the crazy love talk, so I wrote that stuff in your card...... HAHAHA.

I love you, Happy birthday!!


What a way to bring in the New Year!!!!

Well, this is how Carl & I rang in the New Year!!!! IN A HOSPITAL!!!!
New Years Eve, we decided to just have a relaxing night, so Erik & Miquel came over and we went to dinner. I started having contractions pretty bad, so we decided to go up to the hospital. It is a very good thing we went because I ended up being dilated to a 2 and having pretty steady contractions.I ended up being in the hospital until Friday night. I was so glad they let me go home!I missed my little Laila so much.
So needless to say, I am on bed rest!!! 28 weeks is way way way to early for brother to arrive. We need to keep that baby in there for awhile longer...allot longer!!! The doctor is hopeful that I can make it that long, though.
I just wanted to tell everyone thank you so much for all of the help. Thanks to both our parents for all of the great dinners and to my sis for watching Laila. She loves you!!!! And also a big thanks to my hubby. He has been the best. Anything I need, he has it before I need it. I love you, baby!
Keep Baby Brother in your Prayers!