Laila's First Cooking Lesson!

We were so bored today........so what did we do? We made brownies! I took these pictures and I thought they were so cute. How often do you get to see Laila at her dirtiest? She did allot more eating than she did cooking! (so did I)


Some Random Fall Pics!

Carl, Laila & Jason at Bryton's Football Championship Game. Congrats to Bryton ~ 1st place!!!!

At our Halloween Party, we wrapped the 2 little ones (Laila & Kade) up like mummies. They thought it was GREAT!

This is one of the many pics were Laila will not stay still long enough to look at the camera. This is the best we have of me and my baby!!!

Laila & My Sis! Don't they look alike? Laila could be her little girl!

Grandma Rhea & I. Isn't she beautiful? We don't know what we would do without her.


It's A Baby Boy!!!!

We found out what we are having and we are so surprised and so excited at the same time. We can't believe it is a little boy! We thought that we were going to have all girls, but I guess we were wrong. I am still in shock. What am I going to do with a little boy? I feel like I only know girly stuff. Carl is so excited!! Finally, it will be 2 against 2 around here. We keep telling Laila that she is going to have a brother and she says "No, A Sister." I guess she doesn't believe it either. I am trying to figure out how to put the ultrasound pics on here, but every time I scan them, they are to dark. If anyone knows a trick, let me know. Well, I guess it is time to start shopping!!! Ha Ha!
I got the ultrasound picture on! It has a little bit of a light spot. OH WELL~


We Love Halloween at our house! Laila was the cutest Ladybug EVER!!!

Laila with a mouth full of candy! She ate enough candy to last us a lifetime.
We had a Halloween Party with the Fam. We put up tombstones & we had an awesome fog machine. We love to decorate for Halloween. This is one of our favorite Holidays. Hopefully, we had the Spookiest house in the Neighborhood.
Lately, Laila will not stand still for any pictures. She is on the move constantly. She looks like she has had it with Halloween.