The Last 2 Months!

Wow! I can't believe that it has been since Halloween that I have done a post. I have been meaning to get to this, but WOW has life been CRAZY!!!!! Where do I begin?????
Well, I guess I will start with Thanksgiving. I had the big Turkey Dinner at my house this year. I was so nervous because my Mom and Sister are so amazing at everything, I just wanted it to be as good as if one of them had done it........and I think it was! It turned out great and I CAN cook a turkey!
On December 9Th, Little Miss Laila turned 3 years old. I can't believe that my baby girl is already 3. How times flies! She is the smartest, funniest, and the most beautiful little girl! I am so lucky and proud to be her mom. She makes me laugh everyday. Some of the things that she says are so funny. I would tell you but most of the time they are x-rated. What am I going to do when she is a teenager???? AAH!
Laila - I LOVE YOU with all my heart! Thanks for being my best buddy everyday! I hope that we will always be Best Friends. I love you!

Well, we had Laila's Birthday Party on a Sunday, and just when everything in my life seemed so perfect and so unbreakable, that Wednesday we got a call that my Brother Jason had been badly injured in a work accident in Idaho Falls. We got the news that he was being Life Flighted and we went up to the U to wait for him to arrive. This was the longest wait of my life. We really hadn't got much info about what had happened, so we just waited.....never could of imagined how bad it really was. He finally arrived a couple hours later. Waiting was about 30 Doctors and Surgeons to see him. What had happen was he was helping one of his guys load a bobcat on to the trailer and he went under to tie it down and the guy in the bobcat bumped the lever and the bucket came down on the back of his head pushing his face into the ground. It makes me so emotional to tell the story because it was so so hard. When he arrived they said that it was a miracle that he was alive and that he didn't even have any brain or neck damage. It is a miracle!!! Although he was alive, I never could have prepared myself for what I was about to see. Every bone in his face was broken, His nose, completely gone, and the worst was that the doctors could not save his right eye. Why???? Why him, I kept asking myself. I love him so much and I just wished that it had been me. I wanted to take away his pain so bad. The next couple weeks flew by! He had 2 surgeries. The first to remove his eye and next, 13 hours long, to completely reconstruct his face. That surgery went great and he looks amazing. It will be a long road and I am sure, a couple more surgeries to go, but he made it!!!! He is so strong and always so concerned about everyone but himself. I am so lucky to be his sister. This whole thing has taught me so much about life and how lucky we are to just have each other and to be alive. I will never look in the mirror again and stress about something so unimportant as a zit or a blemish. It has also taught me never to judge a person by the outside We all are guilty of starring or judging, but it is the inside that counts!!!! I love him so much and I hope that this road will get easier. I am just so grateful that he is still here. Anyone in CONSTRUCTION - WEAR YOUR HARDHAT! It can safe your life!!!

Christmas was definitely different this year, but it was still great for the kiddos. It is all a blur to me because I was up at the Hospital almost everyday for 2 weeks - my thanks to everyone that helped out with the munchkins! I love you all very much!

Wow, it is hard to replay everything that has happened!!!! I guess I should keep up on the blogging! OH, Laila started preschool and she LOVES IT.......and so do I. I can't forget Little Brox. He is crawling all over and is so so sweet. Definitely a mama's boy. We love him so much!
AND Last but LEAST, I turned 26. Getting Old, but still a baby at heart! Mr. Carl is doing great as well. He is the best hubby in the world! Love you Babe!

I will post all the pics from the last couple of months as soon as I can get them together! Loves
P.S. To everything that has happened that I forgot.......I am sorry!!!!!

OH, OH, OH! Everyone............. BROX SLEEPS IN HIS CRIB.........ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT, FOR A WHOLE MONTH!!!!!! I did it! Anyone that knows us, knows this is a biggy! Now we just need to get Lou Lou in her bed. Easier said than done!!!!


The Morales Family said...

I am glad to see you blogging again!!! Lacey I feel so bad about your poor brother. Holly Cow!! If you need me to watch your kids or anything let me know. If you need to go help him.. I am so sorry. Lets go to lunch and catch up its been way to long! Chantell

the dunns said...

That is exciting that Laila is in Preschool!!! Such a nice break. I am way impressed about Brox staying in his crib. Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your brother. That is so hard!! I hope he recovers alright. I also hope you do keep up with the blogging!!! This is the only way that I ever see you!